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Savage Strength Review – Is Mike Gillette’s Training System Good?

Does The Latest Training Regime From  Mike Gillette & CriticalBench Really Offer Anything New?  Or Is It Simply A Re-Hash Of Everything We’ve Seen In The Past…?

Okay, so we know that there’s new, proven science appearing everyday when it comes to getting the best from your training, but is it really necessary to keep buying different products to ensure you stay up to date?  So savage strength training system 235x300 Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good?when we came across Savage Strength Training System, the latest offering from Mike Gillette, we decided that there was nothing else to it but to have an in-depth look to see if it really does provide you with anything you need to know.  After all, you work hard to earn your dollars, so it makes sense to understand if you’re purchasing a program that’s honestly offering anything different.

And we must say, our down and dirty look at the program certainly was interesting – in more ways than one!  Read on to discover exactly what we uncovered…

What do you get for your money?

So, Savage Strength is a program designed to make you stronger, harder and more ripped than you’ve ever been before.  It’s based on a functional training foundation, incorporating movements that use multiple muscle groups and imitate activities that you do every day, in your normal life.

The program includes the following:

  • What is Strength? – The program begins with a discussion on what it actually means to be strong.  And yes, we know that you want to get right in with training, but this is an excellent and informative section that gives you the fundamentals of the program.
  • Savage Strength Secrets:  Here you get an overview of all the secrets behind what the training regime is all about.  Learn about toughness, understanding movement patterns, repetition feat, the tension technique, load manipulation, fatigue movement and overcoming fear.
  • The Science Behind the Strategy:  Section 3 covers the concepts behind each and every exercise, and why they work.
  • Exercise Groupings:  The workouts are based on carrying out 5 sets of a particular exercise, performed for 5 reps using heavy weights.  You work up to 25 reps in total, and then increase the weight.  It’s also mixed up a little, providing various different approaches to this general 5×5 system, and keeping things interesting.
  • System Shocker Century Sets:  No surprise here that this comprises of a massive 100 reps of an exercise.  You do as many as you can to begin with.  This is then followed by a set of 50% of what you managed, then 50% of that, and so on until you’ve completed 100 in total.
  • Alternate Days Training:  For 3 days of the week.  This means you need to equal out your training throughout the week, and not simply workout at the weekends to get the results you’re aiming for.

The program is provided in the form of a Manifesto, Training Logs and Exercise Diary so you can keep track of your training and progress as you go.

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Who is it for?

Well, Savage Strength is certainly not a program for the faint hearted, because make no mistake, this is one tough mother of a regime.  But if you’re serious about increasing your strength and seeing extraordinary results, then the program will certainly provide you with your goals.  You do need to have a certain level of fitness to begin with, and it will probably suit those who’re pretty committed in their training.  But even if you’ve only just started out on your training path, Savage Strength provides you with the means to start a little softer, and then ramp up to all systems go for some incredible results.

Who are Mike Gillette and Mike Westerdal?

mike gillette Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good?Make no mistake, these guys from CriticalBench certainly know their stuff.  They’ve provided some outstanding products in the past – ones that have given many people the answers to their training goals.  They’ve got the knack of not only giving you the means to reach your targets, but making the workouts interesting and fun to follow as well.  Thousands of folks around the world have taken advice from ‘the Mikes’ to change their physique and gain superior strength and training results.  You only need Google their names to see quite how world-renowned these guys are.

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The Pros

  •  Because the program is based on using multiple muscle groups that mimic everyday activities, there’s no need to go to the gym to follow the program.  Each and every exercise can be carried out at home, with no equipment whatsoever.
  • Although the program is very scientifically based, you don’t require a degree in kinesiology to follow and understand it.  It’s all explained in layman’s terms, showing you exactly why and how the program works.
  • There’s no upper or lower age limit for taking full advantage of the Savage Strength Training System – it works for all.  And as long as you have a generally good level of fitness to start with (and the desire to improve), then the system works with you to ensure that you reach your training targets.
  • It’s great that the science behind the theory is so well described.  Because, let’s face it, knowledge about why you need to do something only further enhances the results you get.  And it’s interesting too – and extremely well presented with enough variety to keep your training fresh and easy to keep up the enthusiasm.

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 The Cons

  • Well, just because this is a home based training regime, don’t think that following the Savage Strength workout is going to be easy.  Because it’s not.  It’s hard, damn hard…  But it does give results, that’s for sure.  And60 day money back Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good? these results come fast.  If you’re into hard work, have the motivation to follow and want to feel your strength improving on literally a day to day basis, then this could well be the workout that will change your training (and physique) once and for all.

 The Bottom Line

So, we freely admit that we didn’t expect to come to the conclusion that we have done.  Sure, we know that the guys at CriticalBench certainly know their stuff, but we were somewhat cynical that Savage Strength could really offer anything new.  But we couldn’t have been more wrong, that’s for sure.  Because this training regime, with its in-depth psychology into all aspects of your training, certainly does hit the spot in ways other programs fail.

The fact that you can carry out the whole program at home is a huge plus, and everything you need is provided in the package.  In a nutshell, we have to say that this is probably one of the best (and most up to date) home training regimes we’ve com across in a long time.  If you want to ramp up the stakes in your training, you could do far worse than giving Savage Strength a try.  Awesome…

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What Supplements Should You Be Taking To Pack On Bulk?

Supplements Should You Be Taking To Pack On Bulk 300x200 What Supplements Should You Be Taking To Pack On Bulk?When selected and taken correctly, supplements can maximize your workout and enhance your fitness and health. But, unless your disposable income is unlimited and you can try each and every supplement on the shelves, it can be a challenging task to find a combination that works for you. To make it a little simpler, we have rounded up some expert tips to show you just how you can get that chiseled physique, without wasting your hard-earned cash.

Of course, before you take that dive into the world of supplements, the first thing you need to do is take a look at your diet. Food-state nutrition is best for the body and it can save you a great deal of money if you just start eating right. Forbes reminds us of the importance of striking a lifestyle balance:

It’s important to take stock of your lifestyle before forking over a dime. If you’re not eating right, getting enough sleep, cutting back on stress and exercising regularly-meaning at least a couple of times a week-supplements aren’t going to do a whole lot for you.

Whey Protein

Certainly not only for the likes of Little Miss Muffet, whey protein powder tops the list as the most essential supplement for anyone who wants to bulk up. It is one of the most important supplements for promoting protein synthesis. Whey has lots of branched chain amino acids and is a milk protein. It is easily digestible and can be channeled quickly to the muscles. It also increases blood flow to the muscles through peptides, making it ideal as a post-training pick up.

Fox News has this piece of advice for selecting a whey protein product:

If you don’t want the typical gut distress that comes from eating protein powders, don’t just settle for any version of protein powder. Try to choose one without added soy and corn, with no artificial sweeteners, and with added digestive aids such as digestive enzymes and probiotics.

For optimal results, take 20 g about half an hour before a workout and then take another 40 g up to 60 minutes after training.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein only comes in second to whey because it is absorbed much slower by the body. But this makes it perfect as a protein supplement for just before bedtime. It also does not make you feel as full after consuming it so it can be taken before you hit the gym.

For maximum results, buy micellar casein (the slowest digesting type you can get your hands on) and take 20 to 40 g before going to bed. Add 10 to 20 g to your whey shake after your work out. If you want to add a little more, make a casein protein shake before going to bed.


An amino acid with a crucial role in muscle function, glutamine boosts muscle growth by increasing the leucine levels in your muscle fibers. It helps to slow down and reduce muscle breakdown and gives the immune system a boost. A healthier immune system means less chance of falling ill, missing work-outs and lowering your general fitness levels. When taken before training, glutamine can reduce muscle tiredness and elevate your growth hormone levels. New research also suggests that it may also play a central role in fat loss by encouraging energy and fat burning during training. While the body does produce glutamine, reserves of it can be depleted through vigorous exercise and activity.

For best results take 5 to 10 g of glutamine in the morning with breakfast and include glutamine in your pre and post-workout shakes. Also add it to your bedtime snack.


Perhaps best known as a fat loss supplement, carnitine is gaining recognition for its promotion of muscle growth. It is known to boost blood flow to the muscles in a similar way to nitrous oxide boosters, and increases testosterone production after a work-out.

For best results, take 1 to 3 g with breakfast, add it to your pre- and post-workout shakes and with your bedtime snack.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

The body needs amino acids to make protein. Branched chain amino acids refer to isoleucine, leucine and valine. BCAAs are important supplements for building bulk because muscle tissues have a high density of them. They are essential for performance improvement, building muscle and for counteracting the effects of over-training. Athletes who do endurance or strength training should supplement with BCAAs because these types of exercise can deplete the body’s stores quite heavily.

So, how should BCAAs be taken for best results? Men’s Health says,

Look for supplements that are 50 percent leucine, 25 percent isoleucine, and 25 percent valine. Start off with 10 g per day, and wait a month before bumping up the dose. The maximum useful intake is probably 60 g a day from food and supplements.

Again, it is worth reviewing your diet before buying the supplement, as a few simple alterations to your eating plan could deliver the amounts you need to stay healthy. If you know you are not eating well and want to supplement your diet, add BCAAs to the plan.


Phosphatidylserines are found in cell membranes where they facilitate the movement of nutrients in and out of cells, as well as the elimination of waste. They are believed to counteract the effects of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that is released after heavy exercise.

Today most Phosphatidylserine is developed from soy. While the body generally does produce what it needs, Phosphatidylserine intake can be increased by up to 800 mg a day for athletes who want to improve their athletic performances. It is, however, not recommended for anyone who is taking blood thinners.

Ultimately supplements are there to fill in the gaps in your nutrition, not make up the bulk of it and should always be taken to support the food you eat. It is always a good idea to discuss supplements with your doctor, particularly if you suffer from an existing condition or are taking medication.


Why Workout Sessions Don’t Have To Be A Big Time Sink

Workout Session 300x182 Why Workout Sessions Dont Have To Be A Big Time SinkOne of the biggest reasons why some people do not workout on a regular basis is because they say they do not have the time. However, this excuse is based on the misconception that you have to spend hours at the gym in order to make any progress, when in fact about 3 or 4 short sessions per week are all that is needed to meet most fitness goals. Even if you have very demanding fitness goals, you can simply opt for intense workout sessions that focus on quality over quantity. Read on for more information on why short workout sessions are good enough, and what form they can take.

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

The specific exercise that you do will depend on your fitness levels and your fitness goals. Furthermore, the length of time you spend exercising will depend on the intensity of the exercise you do, as an expert from Choose My Plate explains:

Adults should do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes each week of aerobic physical activity at a moderate level OR 1 hour and 15 minutes each week of aerobic physical activity at a vigorous level.

This much exercise should not be too demanding to the extent where you don’t have enough time to do it. Think of it this way, just like sleeping, eating, going to work – exercise is something that you must do daily. You don’t have to make time for those other activities and therefore you shouldn’t have to try too hard to make time for workout sessions. It should be something that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

10 Minute Exercises

If you have a hard time doing exercise for even 30 minutes straight then consider doing 10 minute chunks as it has been proven that doing the same amount of exercise in 10 minute segments is not only as good, but even better than doing it all in one go. The New York Times back up this point:

And, conversely, if someone is tempted to dismiss a mere 10 minutes of walking as too meager to be meaningful, “it seems clear that, at least for blood pressure control, fractionized exercise is actually more effective” than a single 30-minute bout.

If you have exercise equipment at home then you go for 10 minute chunks while getting in some housework, or other activity that you need to do. For example, if you are a student and need to get some studying done, then there is no reason why you can’t include a few 10 minute exercise chunks in between your studying time.

When Starting Out

During the initial stages of your workout program if you are experiencing too much fatigue, or are finding it hard to meet the energy requirements for your workouts then doing the 10 minute workouts is a great way to go. Easing into an exercise regime is important, because over-working your body will be counter-productive. You might pull a muscle and end up unable to workout for a few weeks, or your energy levels will become so drained that you feel working out just isn’t for you, and quit pre-maturely. As a writer from Life Hacker suggests, the shorter sessions can be better than the longer ones:

It’s hard to say how effective the shorter bouts are in the long term, but at least for those first few weeks they seem as useful as extended periods of exercise.

You need to pay attention to your body during the initial weeks of exercising, because everyone is different and the amount of exercise that is optimal for you will depend on many factors.


Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle Review – Just How Much Muscle Will You Build?

diagram 1 package 300x209 Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle Review – Just How Much Muscle Will You Build?As men, we dream of a body that is chiseled and built to perfection.  We want pecs, six pack abs to die for, biceps and triceps like Popeye and huge legs to carry it all.  In order to achieve this, we spend countless hours in the gym, drink various complicated pre- and post-workout protein shakes, adapt our diet so all we eat is lean chicken and salad and we take a range of dietary supplements.  However, we still don’t seem to really get the results that we so crave.  It is for this reason that so many men still turn to steroids in order to build their muscle mass up.  However, this is illegal, bad for our bodies and, quite frankly, cheating.  I personally did not want to turn to this at all.  Instead, I wanted to try something different, I wanted an approach that I hadn’t tried before.  I came across Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle package, a digital product that claims to be able to help me build that buffed body I was trying to achieve.  The before and after pictures looked promising and the fact that the program comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee sealed the deal for me and I decided to give it a try.

What Is Maximize Your Muscle?

Maximize Your Muscle is a program that helps you achieve your anabolic targets.  It ensures you do everything you need to help you grow your muscles.  This includes the well-known targets (metabolic stress, muscle damage and muscle tension for instance), but also a further nine targets that are not as well-known.  The program, which is fully digital, includes highly specific training routines, which have different intensities, volumes, densities and frequencies.  These have to be done for a full year, which is a system of periodization.  Sports scientists across the world have explained that this is the way to make training really effective.  This is because muscles have different amounts of stress, allowing them to grow the quickest way properly.  Vince Del Monte has been able to pack a quick start guide for these targets in just a 28 day period, which means anybody can start to build that body they so crave.

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What Do You Get with the Package?

The package includes everything you need to start working on your 12 anabolic targets in a way that is easy to understand.  For the price of just $7, you will receive:

  • The 28 day training package, which is everything you need to get you started towards building that amazing buff body.
  • An additional four short workouts that will help you boost your growth even more.
  • Seven mass moves that most people have forgotten about but deliver amazing results.
  • All the knowledge you need about cumulative muscle fatigue, meaning you will learn to train better, rather than harder.
  • The 12 anabolic targets.

diagram 2 before after Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle Review – Just How Much Muscle Will You Build?

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The 12 Anabolic Targets

The real focus of this program is on the 12 anabolic targets.  This is what really sets this program apart from all the other ones available on the market today.  But just what are these targets?  Naturally, I won’t be able to give everything away in a review, that would be cheating, but I can tell you what they are about.  Essentially, they are 12 different ways to target all the muscles in your body.  They teach you how to involve the actual fibers of your muscle in a workout.  They teach you, as well, how you can use the various energy systems that exist in your body in order to really see a difference in your muscle growth.  If you employ each of these 12 targets in your workout, the results should be mind-boggling.  It is thanks to these that you will break through the dreaded muscle building plateau and it is able to work around your genetics as well.

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What I Liked about Maximize Your Muscle

  • diagram 3 monthly series Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle Review – Just How Much Muscle Will You Build?The program focuses on all 12 anabolic targets, rather than just one or two like most other muscle building programs.
  • All the exercises and information are based on scientific evidence.
  • There’s no need for heavy weights or to spend every waking hour in the gym.
  • The program is designed to build that body we all so crave, the body that will give us the confidence to go out in the world, find a partner, love our life and more.
  • Although the program is geared towards men, women are also able to use it.
  • The program is incredibly affordable at just $7.
  • It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, whether you don’t like the results or the service you receive.

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What I Didn’t Like about Maximize Your Muscle

  • I personally don’t like that the program is only available in digital format.  This is a personal issue, because I also understand that it means you receive instant access and that you don’t ruin the planet by requesting paper copies.  However, I would gladly pay a little bit more so I can have a paper copy to take with me to the gym.  I guess I can just print them instead.
  • I found the before and after pictures a bit hard to swallow.  Are they real?  I know they got great results but are the pictures touched up?  As such, I would have liked to see more testimonials provided on the website itself.  On the other hand, considering the 60 day money back guarantee, you can just return the program if you don’t like your results.
  • It focuses strongly on workout.  I wish there was a solid customized meal plan with it.

The Verdict

I found that Vince Del Monte’s Maximize Your Muscle really offers something different from the norm.  I have been learning about the anabolic targets and did find that other programs on the market only work with two or three of these targets, rather than all of them.  Through this program, however, all 12 are reached, which means results come from a synergy in what we actually do in the gym and during the day.  I strongly recommend this program to anybody who wants to build a body to die for.

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Workout Myths That Must Be Exposed

Workout Myths Workout Myths That Must Be ExposedThere is a lot of information out there regarding how to workout in the right manner, but not all of it is correct, and some of it is even counterproductive. Therefore, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the many workout myths which are out there if you are to meet your fitness goals efficiently. It could be that what you are doing is great, but with a few tweaks you could be getting more results for the work that you are putting in.

Myth 1: Calorie Output On Exercise Equipment Is Accurate

A lot of people pay significant attention to the calorie outputs of exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes. However, such readings cannot possibly be correct. For example, the machines know nothing about your weight, size and gender yet still are able to calculate how much calories you are burning – this is not logical. In order to calculate the rate at which a person burns calories such information must be known. For example, both genders do not burn calories at the same rate, so the calorie output indicated should be different for a man and that of a woman. An expert from CNN suggests that calorie counters on exercise equipment are unreliable:

“It doesn’t mean anything,” said Mark Macdonald, personal trainer and author of “Body Confidence” about the calorie numbers spit out by the cardio machine. Some machines don’t even ask for your weight or sex.

Therefore, take little notice of what the calorie output on your exercise equipment is, and come up with your own calculations that take into account all of the required information.

Myth 2: Cardio Exercises Have To Come First

Most people believe that to start off a good workout session you need to hit the treadmills or exercise bikes in order to get a good amount of cardio in first. However, that is not the best way to start a workout. What you need to do first before doing any cardio is to do some strength training by lifting weights, doing press ups and so on.

Strength training will increase cortisol and testosterone levels for the workout session which will make it easier to train, whereas if you begin with cardio first then you will experience a decrease in glycogen levels which isn’t good for your workout as it could lead to a decrease in your performance levels.

Myth 3: Static Stretching Pre-Workout Is Required

You will undoubtedly have heard by now that you must stretch before and after every workout session. If you have taken part in any fitness sessions with a personal trainer, or attended any sports training where there is a coach then you may have been told to stretch before doing anything else. However, as Men’s Fitness suggests, static stretching pre-workout could be to your disadvantage:

In fact, “static stretching done pre-workout can reduce performance and power,” Allen says. So what’s the solution? While static stretching should still be a part of your post-workout routine, dynamic stretching should be your focus at the start of a workout.

Therefore, try to get in as much of dynamic stretching into your routine before working out, and once you have completed your workout you can rely on static stretching in order to cool down your body.

Myth 4: The More Hours At The Gym The Better

You might think logically that the more amount of effort and time you spend at the gym the quicker your success will be with regards to reaching your fitness goals. However, this is quite simply a myth because it is not the amount of time that you spend working out that is key, but instead what you do in the amount of time that you spend working out. For example, a short 30 minute session can be much more productive that a 2 hour one, if you go about it the correct way. Furthermore, if you are spending a lot of time at the gym then you might be in danger of overtraining and that could lead to impeded muscle growth, as an expert from Ask Men suggests:

If you think making the gym your second home is a great way to get results, think again. Overtraining is a surefire way to stop any muscle growth – instead of your body rebuilding its muscle tissues, it’ll continue to break it down. This means you’ll actually start to lose muscle.

If you are still interested in doing longer sessions at the gym then don’t spend the majority of your time doing strength training as such exercise should only take 20 to 30 minutes. What you can spend the majority of your time on is cardio, which can be done for a long time without resulting in a significant decrease in muscle mass.

Myth 5: All Or Nothing Mentality

A lot of people enter workout programs because they were lead to believe that they must exercise often and intensely to see any benefits as otherwise there isn’t any point. However, this just isn’t the case, you can exercise only 3 times a week at 20 to 30 minute sessions and still see great results, both health benefits and visual. The trick is that you must use your short workout sessions productively, you don’t have to be super intense, but you must have a good pace where you are pushing your body with strength exercises. An expert from IDEA Health & Fitness Association suggests that doing even a little gardening can be beneficial:

Research continues to show that any exercise is better than none. For example, regular walking or gardening for as little as an hour a week has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Therefore, if starting a workout program seems a little overwhelming for you then start off with baby steps. Do a few short sessions per week and go from there. Even though it might seem that not much will come of them, you will begin to see the positive benefits, and then moving forward to regular intense exercises will be easier. The biggest hurdle to getting fit is always starting because of how overwhelming it all seems at first.