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Savage Strength Review – Is Mike Gillette’s Training System Good?

Does The Latest Training Regime From  Mike Gillette & CriticalBench Really Offer Anything New?  Or Is It Simply A Re-Hash Of Everything We’ve Seen In The Past…?

Okay, so we know that there’s new, proven science appearing everyday when it comes to getting the best from your training, but is it really necessary to keep buying different products to ensure you stay up to date?  So savage strength training system 235x300 Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good?when we came across Savage Strength Training System, the latest offering from Mike Gillette, we decided that there was nothing else to it but to have an in-depth look to see if it really does provide you with anything you need to know.  After all, you work hard to earn your dollars, so it makes sense to understand if you’re purchasing a program that’s honestly offering anything different.

And we must say, our down and dirty look at the program certainly was interesting – in more ways than one!  Read on to discover exactly what we uncovered…

What do you get for your money?

So, Savage Strength is a program designed to make you stronger, harder and more ripped than you’ve ever been before.  It’s based on a functional training foundation, incorporating movements that use multiple muscle groups and imitate activities that you do every day, in your normal life.

The program includes the following:

  • What is Strength? – The program begins with a discussion on what it actually means to be strong.  And yes, we know that you want to get right in with training, but this is an excellent and informative section that gives you the fundamentals of the program.
  • Savage Strength Secrets:  Here you get an overview of all the secrets behind what the training regime is all about.  Learn about toughness, understanding movement patterns, repetition feat, the tension technique, load manipulation, fatigue movement and overcoming fear.
  • The Science Behind the Strategy:  Section 3 covers the concepts behind each and every exercise, and why they work.
  • Exercise Groupings:  The workouts are based on carrying out 5 sets of a particular exercise, performed for 5 reps using heavy weights.  You work up to 25 reps in total, and then increase the weight.  It’s also mixed up a little, providing various different approaches to this general 5×5 system, and keeping things interesting.
  • System Shocker Century Sets:  No surprise here that this comprises of a massive 100 reps of an exercise.  You do as many as you can to begin with.  This is then followed by a set of 50% of what you managed, then 50% of that, and so on until you’ve completed 100 in total.
  • Alternate Days Training:  For 3 days of the week.  This means you need to equal out your training throughout the week, and not simply workout at the weekends to get the results you’re aiming for.

The program is provided in the form of a Manifesto, Training Logs and Exercise Diary so you can keep track of your training and progress as you go.

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Who is it for?

Well, Savage Strength is certainly not a program for the faint hearted, because make no mistake, this is one tough mother of a regime.  But if you’re serious about increasing your strength and seeing extraordinary results, then the program will certainly provide you with your goals.  You do need to have a certain level of fitness to begin with, and it will probably suit those who’re pretty committed in their training.  But even if you’ve only just started out on your training path, Savage Strength provides you with the means to start a little softer, and then ramp up to all systems go for some incredible results.

Who are Mike Gillette and Mike Westerdal?

mike gillette Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good?Make no mistake, these guys from CriticalBench certainly know their stuff.  They’ve provided some outstanding products in the past – ones that have given many people the answers to their training goals.  They’ve got the knack of not only giving you the means to reach your targets, but making the workouts interesting and fun to follow as well.  Thousands of folks around the world have taken advice from ‘the Mikes’ to change their physique and gain superior strength and training results.  You only need Google their names to see quite how world-renowned these guys are.

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The Pros

  •  Because the program is based on using multiple muscle groups that mimic everyday activities, there’s no need to go to the gym to follow the program.  Each and every exercise can be carried out at home, with no equipment whatsoever.
  • Although the program is very scientifically based, you don’t require a degree in kinesiology to follow and understand it.  It’s all explained in layman’s terms, showing you exactly why and how the program works.
  • There’s no upper or lower age limit for taking full advantage of the Savage Strength Training System – it works for all.  And as long as you have a generally good level of fitness to start with (and the desire to improve), then the system works with you to ensure that you reach your training targets.
  • It’s great that the science behind the theory is so well described.  Because, let’s face it, knowledge about why you need to do something only further enhances the results you get.  And it’s interesting too – and extremely well presented with enough variety to keep your training fresh and easy to keep up the enthusiasm.

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 The Cons

  • Well, just because this is a home based training regime, don’t think that following the Savage Strength workout is going to be easy.  Because it’s not.  It’s hard, damn hard…  But it does give results, that’s for sure.  And60 day money back Savage Strength Review   Is Mike Gillettes Training System Good? these results come fast.  If you’re into hard work, have the motivation to follow and want to feel your strength improving on literally a day to day basis, then this could well be the workout that will change your training (and physique) once and for all.

 The Bottom Line

So, we freely admit that we didn’t expect to come to the conclusion that we have done.  Sure, we know that the guys at CriticalBench certainly know their stuff, but we were somewhat cynical that Savage Strength could really offer anything new.  But we couldn’t have been more wrong, that’s for sure.  Because this training regime, with its in-depth psychology into all aspects of your training, certainly does hit the spot in ways other programs fail.

The fact that you can carry out the whole program at home is a huge plus, and everything you need is provided in the package.  In a nutshell, we have to say that this is probably one of the best (and most up to date) home training regimes we’ve com across in a long time.  If you want to ramp up the stakes in your training, you could do far worse than giving Savage Strength a try.  Awesome…

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