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Looking to build long sleek muscles? Think yoga instead of weights!

When many people think of yoga, they think of it as a stretching exercise. Those who have never tried it, probably aren’t exactly sure what it is. More women than men have traditionally practiced yoga, but a few buff celebrity males are using it to build muscle.  It really got me thinking when I saw the Yoga for Bodybuilding program.


There is an allusive stereotype surrounding yoga. To most, yoga is thought of as constantly stretching and stereotyped as a flimsy workout out. Yoga is popular among matthew mcconaughey yoga 300x300 Looking to build long sleek muscles? Think yoga instead of weights! women, but men are hesitant to take a yoga class.
Jill Lawson, DietsInReview.com’s yoga expert, offers her take on why men avoid yoga. “One of the biggest reasons is the belief that they are not flexible enough to do yoga. I have heard men tell me they would try it, but they can’t touch their toes.”

Yoga is more than being able to reach your toes. Practicing yoga can benefit individuals in ways they would never imagine. At yoga classes you tend to see more women than men, but yogi men aren’t kidding around when it comes to their own practice. All yoga studios encourage men to give it a try. If the benefits aren’t selling men, maybe seeing male celebrities deeply committed will.

Adam Levine

When he isn’t hitting high notes with Maroon 5 or judging fresh-faced artists on The Voice, Adam Levine practices yoga routinely. In the beginning of his career the singer didn’t practice yoga because of the stereotypes surrounding yoga. After years of pain from weights at the gym, Adam took a yoga class. He noticed the difference with his body and hasn’t stepped foot in a gym since. His godly physique is quite impressive. We say, keep on practicing, Adam, because from the looks of it yoga is doing your body well!

Matthew McConaughey

Don’t let his Southern draw fool you, Matthew McConaughey is a beach dweller with a killer yoga practice. When he isn’t in a yoga studio, beach occupants can catch the Texan vigorously stretching with or without a shirt on. His yoga practice is a prime reason why he looks great without a shirt on. A regular yoga practice helps keep body fat low and contributes to a lean, muscular body.

Ashton Kutcher

Bikram yoga is the preferred style of Ashton Kutcher. His workout routine is supposedly to help him if an apocalypse were to happen. He started taking yoga classes with his former wife Demi Moore and maintains it today as an eligible bachelor. To challenge himself, Ashton pretends he in the desert without water. The discipline should help if the Mayans’ predictions are right.

David Beckham

Props to David Beckham who not only runs around on a soccer field for an hour and 30 minutes per match, but practices Bikram yoga off the field. The British athlete fell in love with yoga after a one-on-one session with Bikram Choudhury. David’s body and soccer skills benefits from the practice that he instantly fell in love. It’s a love that he shares with his equally hot wife, Victoria Beckham, as the power couple is known to engage in couple’s yoga together.

Robert Downey, Jr.

If it were the 1990s you wouldn’t catch Robert Downey Jr. in a yoga studio, but now the actor does yoga consistently. Photos of Robert have surfaced of him near his trailer on movie sets practicing yoga, which has taught him how to be fit, mellow, and balanced. The yogi star is now living a spiritual lifestyle, quite a contrast to the Robert of the 90s.

Practicing yoga can benefit men and women in many ways, however, there do exist differences for the two genders. “Men typically are more muscle bound than women. Tight muscles weaken over time, no matter how big and dense they appear to be. Add elasticity (not more muscle) to an already muscle clad physique and you have a formula for a very strong body,” Jill explained. Muscles that have elasticity build a strong body, thus explaining the physique on male and female yogis.

Jill says another perk for men is that yoga helps them connect with their emotions and make it easier to express themselves.



The last perk that Jill mentions is sexual pleasure, which yoga can help increase for both men and women. Yoga helps men heighten their levels of stamina and performance in the bedroom therefore increasing a woman’s sexual pleasure.
Source http://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/05/celebrity-dudes-who-downward-dog-and-why-more-men-should/
So you think yoga is for feathery, frail types? Think again! Yoga is not the practice or chanting, mystical gurus, and sitting on the floor. Many male celebrities with famously muscular bodies are huge proponents of yoga- and for good reason.

Although this workout has suddenly become popular, it has been in practice for over 5,000 years, and is one of the oldest workouts. Yoga offers the exerciser a lot more than one may initially realize, especially someone who has never actually tried it out. Most believe that it is all about increasing flexibility and meditating, but that’s not exactly the extent of it.

While participating in a Yoga workout, you are developing endurance, strength, balance, performance, and focus. It works every joint and muscle throughout your body to improve overall function and appearance. Yoga works to prevent injury and can even speed muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. While muscles are lengthened and relaxed during yoga, blood has more room to flow- in turn helping oxygen reach the muscles promoting growth and strength. Yoga also teaches your muscles how to work more effectively, meaning the movements you make will count more.

Yoga is also a more well-rounded approach to sculpting your body than just weight lifting alone. When a person lifts weights, they are isolating an area or muscle group, yoga promotes all over toning. This exercise also relies on eccentric contraction- where the muscle stretches as it contracts- this gives your muscles that elongated and sleek look while increasing flexibility. Weight training relies on the opposite principles and makes the muscle become smaller as it contracts. Without the right amount of stretching, the muscle fibers bulk up and get that bulging body builder look.

Another added perk is that people who practice yoga claim to have a better time in the sack. They claim that yoga increases stamina, endurance, and sexual flexibility. Maybe that’s the real reason Hollywood’s leading men sought out yoga- then they just stayed for the sleek muscles!

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Are you going to try yoga to get those elongated muscles?  Leave a comment below.

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