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Mike The Situation Workout of Jersey Shore

If you watch the Jersey Shore I’m sure at one point you wanted to know how Pauly D, Ronnie or the Situation got so big. Trust me, it’s not from drinking every night and fist pumping 😉 I have done a lot of research on the Jersey Shore The Situation workout and I found some good stuff.


Mike The Situation’s Workout

Mike The Situation recommends working out 5-6 days a week with about 3-4 exercises per workout. That’s right. Only 3-4 exercises (say, 3-4 sets of each) is all you need.situation workout Mike The Situation Workout of Jersey Shore After all, you don’t build muscle at the gym, but while you’re body is resting.

The Situation: Abs

As for The Situation’s abs (which are really The Situation), he says that abs should be worked out every other day. Your core muscles are the most resilient muscle group in your body (mainly because you use them every day) and so they recover the fastest. However, just because your abs aren’t sore the day after a workout doesn’t mean you should work them again. Give them that extra day off in between for even bigger gains.

He also recommends doing lower back exercises to complement the opposing force of the ab muscles. Working your lower back not only improves your posture and stature, but also tightens your ab muscles by pulling them back for that ripped look.

Cardio for Abs

And if you want to get even more ripped, then The Situation says you should do about a half-hour of cardio 5-6 days a week as well. He’s absolutely right as it won’t matter how hard you hit the gym and those abs unless your burn that layer of fat covering your abs. However, not all of us can spend as much time at the gym as the guys of Jersey Shore. So, try an efficient cardio workout like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which can burn an incredible number of calories in a workout of 20 minutes or less – and will continue burning calories even after you leave the gym.

Diet for Abs

To get ripped in the first place, Mike The Situation says you will have to diet. That means “no cookies, candies, cakes, snacks, salts, sugar-type stuff. No Coca-Cola. Just water all the time,” says The Sitch. Then once, you’re ripped, he says, you can slowly bring back a little junk food into your diet. So in the mean time, find some healthy alternatives like almonds and veggies (no fattening dips). Experiment. Even if you’re not a health snack kind of person, if you try enough things, you’ll eventually find something you’ll like.

Source: thecelebrityworkout.com


Now eventhough you see the Jersey Shore partying every night, there’s no doubt that they are doing things right. Personally, I don’t think they are as bad as they show on the series (its a lot of hours compressed into a short time). The Situation has the abs to prove his methods.

I know he uses NoX Edge but I also heard he has been using this for his preworkouts as well ===> Check this out

So what do you think about the Situation diet and workout? Is it as good as the Jason Statham workout?

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