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Reasons Why Getting A Six Pack Is Hard Work

Six Pack 300x164 Reasons Why Getting A Six Pack Is Hard WorkDo you want to get a six pack, but have no idea where to start? Well, before setting out on your challenge you must be aware of how hard it will be, if you aren’t ready for the problems that lie ahead you might give up and your six pack goal will become nothing more than a memory. Some of the reasons why getting a six pack is hard work and how they can be overcome are discussed below.

Eating the Right Foods

In a lot of cases, eating the right foods is the difference between having a six pack and not having one. It is said that the six pack is mainly achieved at the kitchen and not the gym like most people will naturally assume. It is important to not only eat the right meals but eat regularly, albeit in small portions. However, for some people eating several times a day is not an option, as a writer from For Skinny Guys Only suggests:

Having a desk job or school life leaves you with quite a few hours to prepare your meals. And grabbing unhealthy food on the go would only serve to make it more difficult to get those already difficult-to-obtain abs.

The reason why eating frequently is important is the fact that it keeps your metabolism active which is your fat burning engine. The trick is not to consume the wrong food types in order to keep the metabolism going. Some people just find too many excuses to not follow a correct diet plan for getting six pack abs and it doesn’t help that there are so many varieties of sugary snacks and drinks out there nowadays. Because of such food, the more healthy meals taste bland to most people.

Furthermore, keeping an eye on what you eat for most people just gets plain boring and eventually they begin to cave in as their cravings take over their bodies. Ultimately, you will have to decide what you deem more important, your junk food eating habits or a set of stunning abs.

Finding the Time to Workout

The truth is that working out in order to get a six pack does not mean having to spend hours and hours at the gym each and every day. What you need to do is spend around 30 minutes around 4 times per week, but that time must be spend doing high intensity workouts; in other words, not at jogging pace.

An intense workout is required because you must reach an anaerobic state of exercise. This is the type of exercise that does more to burn fat, which in turn will allow for more visible abs. By doing the right exercises you will be able to get a six pack much more quickly, without the difficulties that most people have. A writer from Spark People suggests that many people struggle to find time for exercise:

What’s the No. 1 excuse for not working out? Lack of time. Sure, we’re all busy handling multiple priorities and rushing around from here and there every day. However, I promise that no matter how busy you are, someone even busier than you are is working out right now.

If you are having trouble finding time then wake up earlier or, skip your regular TV program for exercise. Chances are that if you actually look for the time out of your day as opposed to making excuses then you will find it.


The thing about getting a six pack for most people is that it will take a long time, especially if they are doing it for the first time. This means that consistency will be key, but sadly, most people just don’t have the determination to do what it takes to get a six pack. You need to be consistent with the exercises that you do and the diet plan which you have set out to follow. Even a few days of neglecting your plan can snowball into your bad habits creeping back and the result is that you go so far backwards it will be difficult to get back on track again. However, there are bigger benefits to achieving a six pack than may be visible at first, as an expert from Milan Stolicny explains:

This kind of commitment is a valuable thing to possess. It’s hard to learn, but it is possible. But if you do learn it and keep it, you can achieve anything you want.

After having successfully achieved a six pack you will have learned how to be determined in achieving a difficult goal, and how to be consistent in meeting that goal over time is important. You can take these learned lessons and apply them to other areas of your life such as your work life.

Once You Get It, It’s Not Over

What most people are not ready for when setting out to get a six pack is that once it is achieved, the work is not yet over. The grind, as most people view it, will need to be maintained for as long as you want a six pack. An expert from the CNN reports why maintaining a six pack is difficult:

Six-packs are difficult to maintain because they require less than 10 percent body fat, said Jordan Yuam, a fitness trainer.

For a lot of people the act of getting a six pack wears their body out, and as a result it means they will need a period of rest once they actually get it. But this rest period can result in an increase in body fat, and the visibility of the six pack is reduced.

The reasons why getting a six pack is difficult as mentioned in this article are just some of the more common ones. Your unique life situation might present other reasons. The important thing to remember is to overcome whatever problems you face by sticking to the program that you have set out for yourself. Eventually, with enough hard work you will get your reward, which is a stunning six pack that people will be jealous of.

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