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Adonis Index Review – Is It Any Good?

Fed Up With Being Told That The “Perfect” Body Means You Need To Train To Look Like Arnie?  Have You Lost Focus As To Why You’re Even Trying To Get Bigger, And Bigger, And Bigger…?

Okay, so no-one can deny that the general word on the street is that the bigger and stronger you get, the more action you get from theAdonis Index Adonis Index Review   Is It Any Good? laideeeeeez, right?  So where does it stop?  Once you reach 190lbs, you need to strive to get to 200.  Once you hit that goal, then your goalposts move to 210, then 220….  Where does it end?

And do bigger guys really see more action?

Well, according to John Barban, this is completely the wrong way of thinking.  And it’s his very mindset that’s behind The Adonis Index.  Because, according to a large amount of research, the guys that the girls really dig are NOT the ones with the largest silhouettes.  They’re NOT the ones with the enormous muscles and it’s definitely NOT the guys with the massive bodybuilder physique.

What The Adonis Index is about; literally how to build the perfect body.

Sounds interesting, don’t you think?  If not somewhat different from everything we’ve ever been led to believe.  So naturally we decided to investigate further, and find out exactly what The Adonis Index is really all about.

And our discoveries certainly make for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

Right, so what The Adonis Index is all about is training your physique into the ideal, well proportioned and attractive body.  And, after the most extensive and in-depth research in to discovering exactly what this is, The Adonis Index provides you with not only giving you tools to workout, but a DEFINITIVE target to aim for.  It’s all about transforming your body into the correct proportions.

And the program is provided to you in the following format:

  • The Adonis Index Theory of Ideal Body Proportions:  167 pages of exactly how the Adonis Index was discovered.  Here you’ll find out the reasons why the bodybuilding culture became the leader of the fitness industry, but why this is actually a bad thing.  You’ll also uncover exactly what’s needed to calculate the perfect male body proportion that’s unique to you, as well as learning the fundamentals of a truly good nutrition program.
  • The Adonis Index 3.1 20 Week Cycle:  This is a newly revamped and mobile ready version of this program.  Including strength endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power and ‘Rage’ cycles, every 4 weeks you hone your body in a slightly different manner, literally forcing it into changing into the perfect shape that you’ve always dreamed of.  You know, that one where you can take your shirt off in public and be proud, rather than just hoping that someone fatter will come and stand next to you…
  • The Adonis Index Complete Exercise Showcase:  78 pages doing exactly what it says on the label….

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Who is it for?

In a word, every guy!  Because refreshingly, this is not a program aimed at those who’re obsessed with getting bigger and bigger.  Instead, this is laser targeted at helping you sculpt your body into the shape that has been proven, time and time again over the centuries, into the shape that pretty much all of the human race consider to be it’s most attractive form.  And that’s the guys, as well as the gals!

And whether you’re already pretty well honed, or are right at the beginning of your fitness journey, The Adonis Index will take you from fat to fit, as long as you’ve got the willpower to get with and keep to the program.

Who is John Barban?

John Barban Adonis Index Review   Is It Any Good?Mr. Barban is not only one of the best known dietary supplement and fitness consultants in the world, but he – thankfully – is the champion of the “right” kinda body that people find attractive.  And this isn’t the super huge body builder profile, nor the barrel shape that power lifters adhere to either.  No, what John has determined is the “Adonis Index Formula.”  In other words, the perfect shape for a man to be in order to be happy with his own appearance, as well as exactly what members of the opposite sex are looking for in a potential partner.

Oh, and let’s not forget his master’s degree in human biology and nutrition, the highest levels of certifications as a strength and conditioning coach, and the fact that he’s trained world record holding fitness champions for many years.  Plus he’s the mastermind behind some of today’s most innovate sports supplements.

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The Pros

  • The Adonis Index has a clear pathway and targeted goal.  This is in complete opposition to pretty much all of the other fitness programs out there – especially body building ones – that don’t have an end goal in sight.
  • It’s suitable for anyone at any level of fitness to commence
  • The program is extremely well written, fun to read and easy to follow.  Add into this that you get clear explanations on the correct method to carry out every single exercise contained within the training plan and it’s a doddle to know exactly how to follow the plan.
  • The Adonis Index is not just an exercise regime; it’s a fully contained exercise AND nutrition program, so every aspect of your body transformation is covered.
  • You get to understand the science and reasoning behind the program.  And it explains this in an informative and educated way, meaning you know exactly why the diet and exercise gets the results you’re striving for.

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The Cons

  • Well – no-one ever said getting that “body to die for” was going to be easy.  And The Adonis Index program is far from a walk in the park!  But once you start seeing the results, then this is the best motivation you could hope for to have you sticking to the program and giving you iron-clad willpower…

The Bottom Line

Well, how refreshing to find an exercise program such as The Adonis Index.  Because if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got pretty frustrated over all the body building themed regimes that are out that.  Combine that with the fact that you’re gaining all the advantages of John Barban’s wealth of experience (without the usual high price tag that comes with it, makes The Adonis Index possible one of the most results driven and unique fitness programs out there.  In our humble opinion, this one’s a winner!

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