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Bench For Reps Review – Is Chandler Marchman and Mike Westerdal’s Program Good?

8 Weeks To “Master The Bodyweight Bench Press Test.” So What Does That Actually Mean In Real Terms…?

It seems that not a day goes by without another “never before seen,” bench for reps review 300x250 Bench For Reps Review   Is Chandler Marchman and Mike Westerdals Program Good?“super effective” training program comes onto the market. So what on earth is different about Bench for Reps? And why should you even consider spending your hard earned cash on it? After all, what’s so advantageous about bench repping your own body weight anyway?

Now, we must admit to being rather bitter and twisted about seeing yet another training product brought to our attention. However (big sigh), Bench For Reps is not a program produced by some fly-by-night nobody, oh no. Because this is a program by the renowned Mike Westerdal. And no-one can deny that this is a guy who has some serious clout in the world of fitness.

So, with much effort, we put our world weary cynicism to one side, and took the time to get down and dirty with the program that uses the same ethos that the NFL use to determine the strength endurance of their players.

Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

What do you get for your money?
Okay, so Bench For Reps is an 8 week program, requiring you to workout out 4 times per week for an hour at a time. It’s designed for those amongst you who know the difference between “working out,’ and real “training.” After all, to train has a purpose, and an end goal in mind. It’s what those who’re serious about their body and strength do.

Now, what Bench For Reps is all about, is utilizing the very same methods for determining a person’s strength endurance that the NFL do – the 225 Bench Press Test – no matter what your own body weight. The program trains your entire body, and also includes a metabolic conditioning session every week. And this instant download program is provided to you in the format of 8 tutorial videos, a PDF manual workout guide and printable workout sheets, amongst other things.

And Bench For Reps works on and corrects the following 5 weaknesses that so many people suffer in their bench reps:

  • Weakness 1 – Improper Form: Because if you’re not engaging the right muscles to perform a bench press, then you can’t apply maximum force – it’s as simple as that. With the Bench For Reps program you get immediate access to online tutorials, all laser focused at helping you perfect your technique.
  • Weakness 2 – Your Max Strength is too Weak: Ooh – that’s a tough one to swallow, eh! But whether or not you admit it, the ability to bench press your own bodyweight a number of times is indicative of how strong you are. But by training in the correct manner, you can increase your strength, and therefore increase the performance of your bench press.
  • Weakness 3 – Lack of Muscular Endurance: No matter how strong you might be, if you lack muscular endurance, then you’ll lose out on your bench press. Strength needs to be combined with endurance if you truly want to bench press with the best…
  • Weakness 4 – Improper Weak Point Training: It’s all about addressing your weaknesses (and yes, we all have them), and carrying out the right exercises to turn these weaknesses into strengths…
  • Weakness 5 – Poor Test Taking Technique: Because as with anything in life, your technique can be the difference between being a winner or loser!

Who is it for?
Well, anyone who recognizes the importance of the bench press in their training will gain a huge amount of benefit from Bench For Reps. So, if you’re a football player who get’s tested in the 185 or 225 bench press rep test, then you’re gonna just looooove this program. And ditto for anyone who competes in Bench for Rep competitions. But more than that, anyone who trains seriously will gain a huge advantage from perfecting their bench rep technique.

Naturally, this is a program for those who’re already pretty fit. Couch potatoes and “fitness wannabees” need not apply…

Who is Mike Westerdal?
Okay – so this is a guy with a pretty impressive record when it comes to fitness, nutrition and training. A registered personal trainer, he’s also a hugely successful bench press competitor and best selling author on all things fitness and training. Oh, and he’s also a former football player who achieved a huge amount of success.

He’s constantly featured in many different, well-known publications and websites. For example, Elitefts, Self Made and HulseStrength.com. And let’s not forget the multitude of happy people on a global scale who’ve successfully followed Mr. Westerdal’s advice to get the body and lean muscle tone they so desired…

The Pros

  • One of the best things about Bench For Reps us that it doesn’t require you to spend hours per week perfecting your bench rep technique. Four times a week for an hour a time – training in the correct manner – is the optimum for anyone to improve and see incredible changes in their personal bench press goals.
  • The results from Bench For Reps are fast. Really fast! As well as requiring you to spend less time in the gym – simply because you’re training in the exact correct manner to get maximum effect.
  • Even if you don’t get tested or play a sport, by improving your bench press and undertaking the training provided by Bench For Reps, you’ll be training your entire body. This means you’ll improve you maximum strength, endurance strength and lower body strength as well.
  • Bench For Reps is an instant download program, meaning you can get going immediately, without waiting for the mailman to wend his weary (and slow!) way to your door.
  • Mike Westerdal is so confident in his program that it comes with a no questions asked, 60 day guarantee. This means that you can undertake the complete program, and if you’re not 100% satisfied then you can get every red cent of your money back. Period!

The Cons

  • Okay, so this isn’t a training program for those who’re not already in good shape. If you’re only at the beginning of your personal training path then this baby won’t be for you (yet…). But for those who’ve already commenced and are in okay shape already, then Bench For Reps is a method that will see your training results ramp up an incredible amount. Prepare to be amazed….
  • Bench For Reps is a training program – and doesn’t really cover the nutritional and diet aspects of any regime. But if you’re at the level when you understand the importance of max strength in your training, then you’ve probably got the nutritional part pretty much sewn up already.

The Bottom Line
Well, if you want to increase your bench press, then Bench For Reps is possibly one of the most effective programs we’ve seen come to market. And, thankfully, it doesn’t require you to sacrifice every waking hour to the gym – because, in all reality, who on earth’s got time for that? (Plus, spending pointless hours down the gym is sooooo last century…)

But seriously, Bench For Reps, whether you need to up your game for testing or want to utilize it as part of a training regime for other reasons, is the ideal way to see results, and to see them fast. Mr. Westerdal – we have to admit that you’ve certainly delivered on this one. We salute you, Sir…

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