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Working out and building more muscle – what works?

A new year is upon us, and with it come the new year’s resolutions.  For many, these resolutions include getting healthier and fitter, coming up with new ways to work and build muscle.  Besides the fact that we are ready to work out, we are also bombarded with news messages of bigger and better ways to grow lean.  For instance, Mike Chang, accepted to be one of the world’s leading fitness gurus, is launching a new program that:

 “Monster Mass not only tells you what you should do, but also what you should not do as well. It covers many of the common diet mistakes many body builders fall into, and that prevent them from gaining the muscle theymike chang 246x300 Working out and building more muscle   what works? want even if they are managing to follow the correct workout plan. By simplifying the reasons of what’s needed to gain muscle, the Monster Mass program gives you not only the understanding and knowledge to gain muscle fast, but educates you in exactly what is needed to get the results you’re striving for.”

 Generally, when Chang brings something out, the bodybuilding communities pay attention.  This man is the guru for good reason.  But does this mean we should all join in with the Chang revolution?  Not necessarily so.  Each individual is different and you cannot jump into a heavy fitness program like this one without already having some experience.

Making Sure You Supplement

 The most important thing about working out and building muscle is that you use supplements.  This is for various reasons.  First of all, they are designed to target those areas of your body where you feel you need the most help with.  For instance, they can be used to burn fat or build muscle.  As such, they will compliment your workout at every stage of the game, whether you are a beginner or an expert.  Besides this, supplements also help in terms of muscle recovery.  If you work out hard, you will feel significant strain on your muscles and the supplements will help you heal quicker.  A word of warning, however, is that you should never use protein shakes if you don’t intend to put the work in as well, otherwise you will put weight on.  According to Gary Slater, from Sports Dieticians Australia:

 “Adding a small amount of whey makes it an excellent recovery snack after a workout when combined with some carbohydrate-rich snacks to restore energy levels. Try to space small serves of protein throughout the day. Look for: Advice from a sports dietitian to ensure you are not overloading on calories and undoing the benefits of the workout.”

Other Supplements

 A workout isn’t just about whey protein supplements, however.  It is all about eating a healthy, balanced diet that is geared towards your biological needs.  Things such as probiotics, magnesium, B vitamins, Omega 3 and iron are all incredibly important.  There are numerous tips to make sure your diet is suitable for someone who works out to build muscle.  Your diet will have to change as your body and its different needs changes too.  Do make sure that you keep up to date with this, or you run the risk of reaching a plateau and not growing any further.  According to Men’s Fitness Magazine  there are a number of different foods that you must eat for different results.  For instance:

 “No matter what your New Years Resolution is, chances are, eating better is a part of it. So tonight, whip up this insanely simple Greek Salad recipe […].  Seriously. It makes the perfect starter or side for a lean, protein-rich meal, packing a ton of natural nutritional boosts. You’ve got tomatoes (a power fruit loaded with antioxidants), Kalamata olives and olive oil (excellent sources of monounsaturated fats), and cucumbers (a vegetable with potassium and Vitamin C). Sounds much better than some limp greens and store-bought dressing, right?”

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