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Get Competition Ready Shoulders With This Shoulder Shock Routine

Amongst all the guys we know, every body builders targets seem to go as follows- arms, chest, and shoulders. Well-developed shoulders are 3836014800 fb7b2d4ecb m Get Competition Ready Shoulders With This Shoulder Shock Routine essential to developing a fully chiseled masculine physic. Competition ready, professional bodybuilders probably put shoulders in their top two- if not number one. Thick and muscular shoulders cause your upper body to look much bigger overall. A lack of shoulder development will also hinder your strength training goals overall. Don’t fret, we went out and found what we think is the best way to get your shoulders on the way to their best development and build yet- it’s called the shoulder shock workout, and it’s very effective.

There are two different methods used below in the routine designed to shock your shoulders. The first is called a rest-pause method- basically, shorter periods of rest will increase intensity. Increasing intensity releases more of those natural muscle growth hormones and ramp up your resting metabolism rate, even hours after the workout is over. Rest-pause increased mental toughness and stamina, it also ups the efficiency of what you are doing. If you want to make the most of your time at the gym, rest-pause is a great way to do so. The next method is reps-based- it focuses on a targeted rep range that allows you to simplify your workout and just worry about the set and repetition.

The Workout





Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press*




Rest-Pause Sets


to failure


Snatch (Wide) Grip Barbell Shrug


30-45 seconds

Rear-Delt Flye (prone on incline bench)


30-45 seconds

Face Pulls with External Rotation


30-45 seconds

*Pick a weight that you can do for 10-12 repetitions (and no more) with good form; use that same weight for all rest-pause sets as well. The goal with overhead dumbbell presses is to get a total volume of around 25 repetitions – 10-12 on the initial set and 13-15 combined on the four rest-pauses.

**Rest should be closely monitored and should not exceed 15 seconds or 10 deep breaths.

***For the Reps-Based method, you will try to get the total number of repetitions in the shortest amount of sets possible. If the exercise calls for 50 reps and you perform 15 reps on your first set, you have 35 reps left. Don’t rush the reps; focus on quality and a full-range of motion.

Coaching Cues:

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

Perform the press through a full range of motion.

If the seated position puts a strain on your lower back, spread your feet out wider and place them slightly farther away from the bench.

Drive your feet downward to anchor yourself into the ground and create full body tension.

Utilize a partner or stopwatch to keep you accountable to the short rest periods.

Focus on keeping good form and stop one rep short of a ‘grinder’ rep.

Snatch (Wide) Grip Barbell Shrugs

Move your hands outward on the bar until your index finger is on the outer ring.

You will need to use lifting straps because your grip will be limited in this position.

Focus on a full range of motion and try to touch your shoulders to your ears in a straight-line bar path.

Try not to throw the weight; instead, pull it with constant tension.

Moving your hands out will take your shrugs to the next level and increase the intensity of the movement 10-fold.

Rear Delt Flye (Prone on Incline Bench)

Lay facedown on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand and pull the weight until your arms are in line with your upper back.

The prone position will limit the potential for “swinging” the weight.

Focus on controlling the movement in both directions.

Your elbows should be slightly bent, but if you want to make the exercise harder, keep your arms completely straight.

Face Pulls with External Rotation

This exercise will activate and strengthen the muscles in the upper back responsible for posture and optimal shoulder health.

Grab each end of a rope attachment that’s connected to the top pulley of a cable stack machine with an underhand grip.

Pull the rope to your neck, and as you get close, externally rotate your hands into a “field goal” position.

Hold for a one-second count before reversing the movement back to the starting position.


Here’s a video from a pro on getting shoulders ready for competitions…

The workout mentioned in the article is highly effective in promoting new growth in the shoulders. If you have previously tried using the more popular ‘pyramid’ set techniques with straight sets, you probably are not getting the results you want- at least not unless you don’t want bulky shoulders. When other workouts fail to widen your shoulders and create bulky definition, try this intense regime for a few weeks and you will likely see and feel the difference.3835224499 7ee476c0dc m Get Competition Ready Shoulders With This Shoulder Shock Routine

Do you aspire to have competition ready shoulders?

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