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Why Cardio is Vital to Body Builders

We absolutely LOVE our cardio workouts! It’s part of our well rounded routine, even though hitting the weights is clearly more interesting to us when it comes to exercising. Men tend to avoid cardio, thinking it’s only for women and people who need to lose a lot of weight. Focusing solely on strength training is a huge mistake that many people make in the gym. Adding in a cardio workout to your weight lifting regime is not only good for your health, it will make you look better too!

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Many men who have that cut, lean look to them are also committed to their cardio workouts. We bet any of the men in these Hollywood bulk-ups hit the streets running more than a few times a week! Using cardio routines as a part of a well-rounded workout plan is also a secret to getting six pack abs. Not getting enough cardio is one of the biggest mistakes that keeps guys from getting a chiseled stomach. So, why is it so important that you don’t skip the cardio in the gym?


If you’re one of many people who struggle to do cardiovascular exercise, you must understand that no matter what your fitness goals, you need to get regular cardio exercise to accelerate your training.

According to the Texas Heart Institute, by the end of a long life, a person’s heart might have beaten more than 3.5 billion times. Each day, the average heart beats 100,000 times, pumping about 2,000 gallons of blood.

Your heart works as a pump that pushes blood to the organs, tissues and cells of your body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products.

If you’re adding lean muscle mass, it’s imperative you get the blood flow into the muscle being trained and the CO2 out. There’s just no way around it, folks. It’s a fitness principle as old as the science itself. I’ll say it again and again, adding muscle burns stored body fat.


Your heart doesn’t pump enough blood to flow to your muscles if you are not using cardio exercises in your training. Good blow flow is absolutely essential in building muscle.


Body builders, power lifters, runners, teens and super seniors all exhibit fitness improvement with appropriate, regular cardio exercise. The reverse is true for far too many of you who dash for the door after a little weight training.

You have to know where your heart rate is during cardio activities to get maximum results. If you don’t know, you’re just wearing out your shoes and the belts on the treadmill.

What they are saying here is, it’s extremely important for people to do cardio AND strength training. If you lack in weight training, you are just as bad off as someone who never hits the cardiovascular equipment at the gym and sticks to the weights.


There are many strap-on heart rate monitors. Investing in one is not a good idea.

Don’t get scared you’ll pass out if you break a sweat. If you ever feel dizzy at the gym, sit or lie down until the dizziness passes.

This happened to me years ago after I’d gulped two cups of coffee and rushed to meet my lifting buddy at 6 a.m. I had no food in me and little water. When my body got depleted of any energy source, the dizziness hit me big-time. I lay on the gym floor watching the world spin for what seemed like a minute.

Yes folks, this is why I ask you to eat and bring your water bottle to our training sessions.

Your cardio workout should always be at your level on intensity. Pay no attention to the cheetah next to you running 60 mph. They’re probably trying to catch an antelope for dinner.


The final point being made here is- no matter which leg of your routine you are on, make sure that you are breaking a sweat! If you are not at 2725582799 210e1767af m Why Cardio is Vital to Body Buildersyour ideal heart rate, you are not doing it right. Most gyms have a graph (poster) up that will identify your target range, if not, consult with the gym personnel- it’s their job to advise you on using the equipment properly, so they should at least know that.

Do you incorporate cardio training at the gym?

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