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How To Stay Motivated To Maintain A Tight Core

Maintain A Tight Core How To Stay Motivated To Maintain A Tight CoreAre you having difficulty with your motivation levels in order to achieve the six pack look that you have always dreamed of? Or have you achieved it, but you feel unmotivated to keep the routine going in order to maintain it? Then what you need is the have a shift in your mindset that will set you up for success and keep your abs looking just the way you want all the time. If you would like to find out what you could do to increase your motivation to exercise and stick to a great diet then read on.

Make Your Workout Routine Interesting

There is a ton of things you could do in order to make your workout routine less bland. One of them is listing to music while you are going through the different exercises. Music has an effect of numbing the senses and just gets you into a rhythm. A workout routine that may have previously been boring might turn out to be quite fun when you are listening to your favorite album. However, make sure that you pick appropriate music when working out. What you want is the type that is energetic and quick in tempo. For example, club or rock music might do the trick, whereas if you were to listen to slower music such as smooth jazz then it could affect your workout routine by subconsciously making you slow down. Here is what an expert from The New York Times has to say about it:

A song’s tempo, which should be between 120 and 140 beats per minute, or BPM. That pace coincides with the range of most commercial dance music, and many rock songs are near that range, which leads people to develop “an aesthetic appreciation for that tempo.” It also roughly corresponds to the average person’s heart rate during a routine workout.

You could try out a bunch of different music types and see which one you respond the best to. However, don’t feel forced to go by this rule if you’re not comfortable with that type of music. In the end, you still have to enjoy the experience.

Mix Up Your Exercises

A routine that is set in stone can get boring even for professional sport figures. Therefore mix up your ab exercises so that the blandness of repetition does not set it. An example of a proven ab exercise is the abdominal hold. This involves sitting up straight on a chair and placing your hands on the edge. Then lift your butt of the chair and your legs of the ground simultaneously while keeping your abs tight. This is an exercise everyone can do because all you need is a chair to do it. No expensive gym equipment is required when you educate yourself about the different exercises that are out there.

Other exercises include the side crunch, the hundred, opposite arm and leg raise, prone plank and many more. All of these require no special equipment to carry out so you have no excuse not to do them. Each of these exercises work your abs but are different which means that each day of the week you could do a different exercise and still keep your abs look just the way you want. An expert from One Life reports the importance of mixing up your exercises:

There are numerous benefits to mixing up your workout routine,” says Arnold Lee, MD, a physician at One Medical Group in San Francisco. “It’s the key to stimulating different muscle groups and preventing boredom.

Therefore, when planning out your exercises make sure to include variety and your body will reap the benefits.


One of the key strategies for when motivation becomes a problem is visualizing what is possible. So if you don’t have a tight six pack then imagine what it would be like to have one. Imagine the compliments you would get, and how great you will feel about yourself when you finally get that tight six pack. For example, you could close your eyes, and mentally step into the future where you imagine yourself having a tight six pack. This should create a surge of emotion that will result in a in a burst of motivation to get you off your butt and take the actions that are required in order to get that six pack. Visualization will spur your brain into success as a writer from Inc. reports:

In addition to increased motivation, you will begin to get creative ideas that will help you to achieve your goal. You may wake up at 3 a.m. with a brilliant thought, or experience a download of pure genius while in the shower. This is because visualization prompts the brain to “wake up” to messages and resources that it previously shut out.

Another visualization strategy is to stop and visualize your exercises before you actually do them. So for example you could be on the way to the gym and whilst getting there imagine what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. This will prep the brain for exercising, and in turn, your muscles will be ready for the workload that is to come. Engaging the mind with the body is so important that it could shave off weeks or even months for the time takes to reach your tight six pack.

If You Don’t Succeed Don’t Give Up

Let’s say that you set yourself a goal for getting a six pack in a reasonable 3 months, but once the time is up you haven’t hit your target. Well, during those 3 months you must have made some progress and it would be a shame to throw it all away. So create another goal and aim for that one; the whole point here is that if you never give up then you will eventually get your tight six pack. It might take you longer than you’d like, but once you get there, you will see that all the effort and perseverance was worth it.

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