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Simple Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Limited Workout Time

Limited Workout Time 300x300 Simple Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Limited Workout TimeMaintaining a healthy exercise regimen is a key part of keeping fit. Robert M. Malina in the American Journal of Human Biology opens with the statement,

Contemporary thinking in public health posits that childhood and adolescent physical activity and physical fitness may influence health status during childhood and adolescence, as well as throughout adulthood.

Without exception, it can be found that fitness is directly linked to the incidence of good health in subjects. In this day and age however, people find it less and less convenient to work out. With a hectic schedule most people simply disregard workouts and instead omit it as part of their daily or weekly routine. Even those that do work out tend to cut it short because the time spent working out could have been spent doing something else that might be considered more productive. Here’s a few ways you can look at making your limited workout time worthwhile.

High-Intensity Workouts

At the beginning of a workout regimen it’s recommended that you build up. Take it slow and get to a base level where you feel comfortable. Once you maintain that base level for about a month, it’s about time to start pushing yourself. Muscles tend to develop faster when they’re pushed to the limit of their abilities. You should be careful not to overdo it though. It only takes a little bit of overwork to cause muscle strain which could lead to disastrous consequences. Only push yourself to where you feel comfortable, but not where it gets overbearing or dangerous.

Nutrient and Water Intake

Balancing your nutrient intake is important in any fitness plan. Proteins are required to aid in muscle building and repair. Carbohydrates are required to give the body enough fuel to burn and enough energy to finish your workout. Even something as unassuming as water has its importance. Water assists in cooling down the body via sweating during work out sessions. A lot of your liquid content is leached through sweat and needs to be replenished by constant rehydration. Balancing your nutrient and water intake is essential to making sure your body remains in proper health during your workout sessions.

Slow Lifting

Although super-slow lifting isn’t a more effective tool to working out than regular lifting, it allows for better form and works as a great way to change up the routine of strength training. Lifting at a slow rate and lowering at the same rate works as a way to maintain the resistance on your muscles. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, says,

The goal of superslow strength training is to limit momentum. This forces your muscles to work harder through their entire range of motion when you lift the weight.

Using slow lifting allows you to speed up your workout by maximizing the amount of training done on your muscles over the short period of time.

Single Set Until Failure

Going till you drop isn’t really recommended as a regular means of training. However, when it comes to limited time training, it’s something you should look into. It should be noted that going till you drop does NOT mean going continually until your body is too weak to do any more. It means, within reason, you continue your exercise until it is clear your body has met its limit. This also helps to push your body and pushing yourself is the most effective way to use limited workout time.

Limit Your Workouts To 30-40 Minutes

A proper workout can take hours to get all the reps on each machine done. After a thirty to forty minute workout, the body is at its optimal state and pursuing it further would not bring any further gain to the situation. Doing high-intensity workout routines for this short amount of time will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the workout with a limited amount of time. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have that much time to spend working out.

Mix It Up

No one likes a boring routine. It serves to encourage you if you would change your routine up as you need it. In a lot of regimens, the setup of a routine is not exactly the typical fare. Sometimes instead of following a set pattern of exercise, they rotate between multiple machines in their downtime and allow for the working of different muscle groups at the same time. This has the added bonus of lowering the overall workout duration allowing for professionals and fitting into the thirty to forty minute schedule mentioned above.

Resistance Cardio

Cardio is one of the most important parts of a balanced workout system. Cardiovascular training is amazing for the heart, In fact, Morris and Froelicher states that,

The American Heart Association Medical/Scientific Statement on Exercise emphasized the large role regular aerobic physical activity plays in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Several human studies have also demonstrated the positive effects of long term exercise on the human heart.

When training with cardio, it’s recommended that you start off on a gentle, flat scale and then start adding an incline into the training routine. If possible, it’s even more viable to incorporate an actual running trail into your workout. This type of exercise tends to work all the major muscle groups of the body and gives a temporary adrenalin high, but it requires that the body get up to speed before that happens. By incorporating more and more inclines into your routine, it’s possible to decrease the duration of your workout without sacrificing the effectiveness.

All in all, working out is essential to any adult’s proper holistic health. The scientific studies have shown overwhelmingly the link between exercise and the prevention of sudden and debilitating disease. Proper diet helps to rule out deficiency diseases and promote better overall health. Mentally and physically, an exercise regimen will assist in getting your body in the best shape of your life. You shouldn’t let a limited schedule get you down. By paying attention to these tips you can easily manage to get in a good, fulfilling workout in a limited time. However, you should always consult your training before trying a new technique. Being safe in your training makes sure that you don’t suffer any injuries that could have otherwise been easily avoided. Having only a little time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fitness.

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