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My Muscle Building Supplements plus Discounts!

Hope you had a great Christmas.

I had a great one with family, but I definitely ate
too much.

I’m gonna eat low carbs until after my workout
tonight to make up for it.

Well, I get asked all the time about supplements.

I normally don’t like to give out recommendation because I find
many guys buy supplements and expect to blow up and get
the perfect body without working out and the proper diet.

Supplements will only ENHANCE the others – so its a small
percentage of your overall look.

With that being said, I’m currently try to gain strength and pack
on some size.  I’m not worried as much about burning the excess fat.

So, this is what I’m taking.

Healthy & Strong Daily Protocol

1. Multivitamin – (Bluestar Vitality) – 2 in morning/ 2 at night
2. Probiotics – (Biotrust Pro X10)-  before a meal
3. Fish Oil – (Bluestar Omega Blue) – One per meal
4.Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU / 1x per day with meal
5. Magnesium Chelate – 500mg /2x per day at dinner & bedtime
6. Vitamin C – 1 gram / 2x daily with lunch & dinner
Maximum Mass Gain Post Workout Shake
1. 40 grams protein
2. 150 grams carbs (maltodextrin or dextrose)
3. 5 grams creatine monohydrate (Bluestar PurBlue Creatine)
Afterburn Fuel (been using this) or Bluestar Extreme Rush (trying this out next month)
During Workout
1. 10 grams Essential Amino Acids
2. 10 grams Branched Chain Amino Acids
3. 1-3 grams arginine
So I listed a few links as well for the exact supplements I use.
I choose these because they are manufactured very “clean”, havegreat service, quick shipping but mainly you get what you are paying for.The awesome part is all of these are on sale right now.
Take advantage and stock up now.
These specials are ending soon.
P.S. Bluestar also has their own recommend stacks. Fat loss, muscle building, etc…Check those out here.



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