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Getting Started With Working Out In The Gym

Working Out In The Gym 300x200 Getting Started With Working Out In The GymWorking out has quite a long history. We tend to think of it as something quite new. In fact it goes back at least to the time of ancient Greece and probably beyond. The Ancient Greeks invented an early form of dumbbell. The barbell comes along in the nineteenth century. You’ve probably seen old pictures of early barbells with balls on each end. Those balls were in fact hollow and could be filled with sand or some other substance that would weigh heavily. Weight training equipment in the form of exercise machines begin to appear in the 1960s.

The big difference today is that we are much more knowledgeable about the science that lies behind working out. It all depends on what you want to achieve from your exercise regimen. You may be happy just to have a light work out that keeps all your important muscle groups toned. On the other hand you may want a regimen that gives you a body that puts the rip into ripped.

If you don’t work out or have stopped being a regular at the gym, the most important thing is that you make the decision to do something. If you want to get started and build up to being a gym-going-regular here are some tips to get you going:

Getting Started

Okay, first thing’s first. If you’re new to working out and you’re unsure about your fitness level, it’s always advisable to talk with your doctor first. The purpose of exercise is to do you good, not cause irreparable harm.

Now before you even step foot in the gym, if you are going to be successful here’s the best advice you can possible be given: start eating the right food. I’ll repeat that in case you missed it. Start eating the right food. I know what you’re thinking: what’s the right food? There are so many diets around, it’s impossible to know where to start. I didn’t say diet, I said eat the right food and that is simple. Steve Kamb on nerdfitness.com calls it real food:

You know what real food is: things that grew in the ground, on a tree, came out of the sea, ran on the land, or flew through the air. Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts are all great examples of REAL food.

Into The Gym

Joining a gym is a very positive move. Okay, there will be quite a few people there who have devoted their lives to honing to perfection every last millimeter of their bodies. Don’t be intimidated. Join a reputable gym and you can guarantee that there will also be people like you who are new or who are returning to exercise after a layoff. A good gym will offer an induction session, and this is worth every second of the time you will invest in it, and you can get advice you on an exercise regimen that’s right for you. As crankyfitness.com says:

Don’t skip the New Member Orientation. These are almost always offered free of charge. This is a great chance to avoid doing something stupid later, especially since some clubs have their own Weird Special Rules or Peculiarities that are far from intuitive. Plus you need to find out what the deal is with towels and day use lockers and parking and such.

Into The Exercise Habit

Ask anyone who exercises regularly and they’ll tell you that on days when they can’t exercise, perhaps because they are ill, they feel like something is missing. There’s no doubt that if you can keep exercising for a long enough period of time it will become a habit that you will not want to give up.

In the early weeks it is good advice not to overdo things. Perhaps get into a pattern of going to a gym twice a week. Go at the same time on the same days each week. After a month or two you can increase this. Pretty soon, it becomes part of your life.


How To Stay Motivated To Maintain A Tight Core

Maintain A Tight Core How To Stay Motivated To Maintain A Tight CoreAre you having difficulty with your motivation levels in order to achieve the six pack look that you have always dreamed of? Or have you achieved it, but you feel unmotivated to keep the routine going in order to maintain it? Then what you need is the have a shift in your mindset that will set you up for success and keep your abs looking just the way you want all the time. If you would like to find out what you could do to increase your motivation to exercise and stick to a great diet then read on.

Make Your Workout Routine Interesting

There is a ton of things you could do in order to make your workout routine less bland. One of them is listing to music while you are going through the different exercises. Music has an effect of numbing the senses and just gets you into a rhythm. A workout routine that may have previously been boring might turn out to be quite fun when you are listening to your favorite album. However, make sure that you pick appropriate music when working out. What you want is the type that is energetic and quick in tempo. For example, club or rock music might do the trick, whereas if you were to listen to slower music such as smooth jazz then it could affect your workout routine by subconsciously making you slow down. Here is what an expert from The New York Times has to say about it:

A song’s tempo, which should be between 120 and 140 beats per minute, or BPM. That pace coincides with the range of most commercial dance music, and many rock songs are near that range, which leads people to develop “an aesthetic appreciation for that tempo.” It also roughly corresponds to the average person’s heart rate during a routine workout.

You could try out a bunch of different music types and see which one you respond the best to. However, don’t feel forced to go by this rule if you’re not comfortable with that type of music. In the end, you still have to enjoy the experience.

Mix Up Your Exercises

A routine that is set in stone can get boring even for professional sport figures. Therefore mix up your ab exercises so that the blandness of repetition does not set it. An example of a proven ab exercise is the abdominal hold. This involves sitting up straight on a chair and placing your hands on the edge. Then lift your butt of the chair and your legs of the ground simultaneously while keeping your abs tight. This is an exercise everyone can do because all you need is a chair to do it. No expensive gym equipment is required when you educate yourself about the different exercises that are out there.

Other exercises include the side crunch, the hundred, opposite arm and leg raise, prone plank and many more. All of these require no special equipment to carry out so you have no excuse not to do them. Each of these exercises work your abs but are different which means that each day of the week you could do a different exercise and still keep your abs look just the way you want. An expert from One Life reports the importance of mixing up your exercises:

There are numerous benefits to mixing up your workout routine,” says Arnold Lee, MD, a physician at One Medical Group in San Francisco. “It’s the key to stimulating different muscle groups and preventing boredom.

Therefore, when planning out your exercises make sure to include variety and your body will reap the benefits.


One of the key strategies for when motivation becomes a problem is visualizing what is possible. So if you don’t have a tight six pack then imagine what it would be like to have one. Imagine the compliments you would get, and how great you will feel about yourself when you finally get that tight six pack. For example, you could close your eyes, and mentally step into the future where you imagine yourself having a tight six pack. This should create a surge of emotion that will result in a in a burst of motivation to get you off your butt and take the actions that are required in order to get that six pack. Visualization will spur your brain into success as a writer from Inc. reports:

In addition to increased motivation, you will begin to get creative ideas that will help you to achieve your goal. You may wake up at 3 a.m. with a brilliant thought, or experience a download of pure genius while in the shower. This is because visualization prompts the brain to “wake up” to messages and resources that it previously shut out.

Another visualization strategy is to stop and visualize your exercises before you actually do them. So for example you could be on the way to the gym and whilst getting there imagine what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. This will prep the brain for exercising, and in turn, your muscles will be ready for the workload that is to come. Engaging the mind with the body is so important that it could shave off weeks or even months for the time takes to reach your tight six pack.

If You Don’t Succeed Don’t Give Up

Let’s say that you set yourself a goal for getting a six pack in a reasonable 3 months, but once the time is up you haven’t hit your target. Well, during those 3 months you must have made some progress and it would be a shame to throw it all away. So create another goal and aim for that one; the whole point here is that if you never give up then you will eventually get your tight six pack. It might take you longer than you’d like, but once you get there, you will see that all the effort and perseverance was worth it.


Simple Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Limited Workout Time

Limited Workout Time 300x300 Simple Tips To Increase The Effectiveness Of Limited Workout TimeMaintaining a healthy exercise regimen is a key part of keeping fit. Robert M. Malina in the American Journal of Human Biology opens with the statement,

Contemporary thinking in public health posits that childhood and adolescent physical activity and physical fitness may influence health status during childhood and adolescence, as well as throughout adulthood.

Without exception, it can be found that fitness is directly linked to the incidence of good health in subjects. In this day and age however, people find it less and less convenient to work out. With a hectic schedule most people simply disregard workouts and instead omit it as part of their daily or weekly routine. Even those that do work out tend to cut it short because the time spent working out could have been spent doing something else that might be considered more productive. Here’s a few ways you can look at making your limited workout time worthwhile.

High-Intensity Workouts

At the beginning of a workout regimen it’s recommended that you build up. Take it slow and get to a base level where you feel comfortable. Once you maintain that base level for about a month, it’s about time to start pushing yourself. Muscles tend to develop faster when they’re pushed to the limit of their abilities. You should be careful not to overdo it though. It only takes a little bit of overwork to cause muscle strain which could lead to disastrous consequences. Only push yourself to where you feel comfortable, but not where it gets overbearing or dangerous.

Nutrient and Water Intake

Balancing your nutrient intake is important in any fitness plan. Proteins are required to aid in muscle building and repair. Carbohydrates are required to give the body enough fuel to burn and enough energy to finish your workout. Even something as unassuming as water has its importance. Water assists in cooling down the body via sweating during work out sessions. A lot of your liquid content is leached through sweat and needs to be replenished by constant rehydration. Balancing your nutrient and water intake is essential to making sure your body remains in proper health during your workout sessions.

Slow Lifting

Although super-slow lifting isn’t a more effective tool to working out than regular lifting, it allows for better form and works as a great way to change up the routine of strength training. Lifting at a slow rate and lowering at the same rate works as a way to maintain the resistance on your muscles. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic, says,

The goal of superslow strength training is to limit momentum. This forces your muscles to work harder through their entire range of motion when you lift the weight.

Using slow lifting allows you to speed up your workout by maximizing the amount of training done on your muscles over the short period of time.

Single Set Until Failure

Going till you drop isn’t really recommended as a regular means of training. However, when it comes to limited time training, it’s something you should look into. It should be noted that going till you drop does NOT mean going continually until your body is too weak to do any more. It means, within reason, you continue your exercise until it is clear your body has met its limit. This also helps to push your body and pushing yourself is the most effective way to use limited workout time.

Limit Your Workouts To 30-40 Minutes

A proper workout can take hours to get all the reps on each machine done. After a thirty to forty minute workout, the body is at its optimal state and pursuing it further would not bring any further gain to the situation. Doing high-intensity workout routines for this short amount of time will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the workout with a limited amount of time. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have that much time to spend working out.

Mix It Up

No one likes a boring routine. It serves to encourage you if you would change your routine up as you need it. In a lot of regimens, the setup of a routine is not exactly the typical fare. Sometimes instead of following a set pattern of exercise, they rotate between multiple machines in their downtime and allow for the working of different muscle groups at the same time. This has the added bonus of lowering the overall workout duration allowing for professionals and fitting into the thirty to forty minute schedule mentioned above.

Resistance Cardio

Cardio is one of the most important parts of a balanced workout system. Cardiovascular training is amazing for the heart, In fact, Morris and Froelicher states that,

The American Heart Association Medical/Scientific Statement on Exercise emphasized the large role regular aerobic physical activity plays in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Several human studies have also demonstrated the positive effects of long term exercise on the human heart.

When training with cardio, it’s recommended that you start off on a gentle, flat scale and then start adding an incline into the training routine. If possible, it’s even more viable to incorporate an actual running trail into your workout. This type of exercise tends to work all the major muscle groups of the body and gives a temporary adrenalin high, but it requires that the body get up to speed before that happens. By incorporating more and more inclines into your routine, it’s possible to decrease the duration of your workout without sacrificing the effectiveness.

All in all, working out is essential to any adult’s proper holistic health. The scientific studies have shown overwhelmingly the link between exercise and the prevention of sudden and debilitating disease. Proper diet helps to rule out deficiency diseases and promote better overall health. Mentally and physically, an exercise regimen will assist in getting your body in the best shape of your life. You shouldn’t let a limited schedule get you down. By paying attention to these tips you can easily manage to get in a good, fulfilling workout in a limited time. However, you should always consult your training before trying a new technique. Being safe in your training makes sure that you don’t suffer any injuries that could have otherwise been easily avoided. Having only a little time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fitness.


Get Juiced Review – Is Vince Del Monte and Drew Canole’s System & Recipes Good?

Make Your Own Juiced ‘Power Drinks’ To Aid Your Fitness, Physique, Sex Drive And Motivation!  Surely This Is Just A Load Of Marketing Bull****…?

Okay, so most of us know that we probably don’t get the right kind of nutrition to fully allow our body to make the most of the food we eat.  But if you’re considering purchasing Get Juiced, then you more than likely look after get juiced review Get Juiced Review   Is Vince Del Monte and Drew Canoles System & Recipes Good?yourself, eat well (at least most of the time), and probably spend quite a few hours of your week in the gym.

So why don’t you get the results that you hope for?  Why isn’t your body the beautiful honed temple that you want it to be, despite how hard you work out and try to eat the right foods?   Well, according to Vince Del Monte and Drew Canole, it’s all down to your digestive system, and its inability to absorb the nutrients that you ingest.

And, according to these guys, it’s not your fault – well, not entirely.  And with a few simple steps, it’s possible to reset your digestive system, and therefore truly make a difference to your fitness efforts.

Hmmm, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it!  And that’s exactly what we thought as well.  But we have to admit that these are two professionals whose opinions we do respect, hence  our decision to delve into exactly what Get Juiced is all about, and whether it really is worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

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What do you get for your money?

So, Get Juiced is a pretty good title for what this product is.  It’s all about forgetting that crazy ‘5 a day’ rule about fruit and veg.  And getting those desperately needed nutrients from food not by taking expensive supplements, but by simply juicing up what you need and drinking them instead. [wplapdance name=”GetJuiced”]

By ensuring that you ingest the right nutrients from the fruit and veg in your fridge right now, you can get the following results:

  • Increase your metabolism:  by detoxifying and resetting your digestive system to absorb the micronutrients from your nutrition.  And this in turn speeds up your metabolism, meaning you burn fat more effectively (instead of your hard worked for muscle), get ripped and have more energy than you’ve ever had before.
  • Faster recovery times:  from your training efforts due to your body absorbing all the micronutrients it needs.  This leaves your immune system free to build muscle and repair tissue far faster, and your insulin sensitivity and glycogen uptake to improve.
  • Reduced inflammation:  which in turn reduces the risk and symptoms of metabolic syndrome.  Therefore you lose drop that excess abdominal fat that blights so much of your workout efforts, as well as losing more overall body fat.  All this, without doing more cardio work or cutting calories.
  • Optimize your immune system: thanks to the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants you flood your system with.  This means far less joint issues, pain and less illness as a whole – leading to faster results from your workouts
  • Lessen muscle soreness:  post workout…  Because of your body obtaining the essential magnesium, potassium and other essential ingredients that all work to help you feel less workout strain.
  • Better sleep and stamina:  and it can also lead to better sex, thanks to the correct hormone levels whizzing around in your bloodstream
  • Increased wellbeing:  thanks to the stable hormone and blood sugar levels giving you more energy, muscle gain and seeing the results of your workout efforts take a rocket trip to the stratosphere…

And lots, lots more that we don’t have time to talk about in this short review…

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Who is it for?

Want to increase your workout results?  Want to drop the excess lard?  Want to feel better and happier in yourself?  If your answer to these questions is yes, Yes, YES…  then the information you’ll discover in the simple methods provided to you in Get Juiced, then this is probably one of the easiest ways you’ve ever discovered to start rolling towards your goals.  And rolling towards them fast…!

Who are Vince Del Monte and Drew Canole?

vince delmonte drew canole Get Juiced Review   Is Vince Del Monte and Drew Canoles System & Recipes Good?Well, if you’ve not yet heard of Vince and Drew, then you’re probably pretty new to the workout and well being game.  Because these two guys not only are living proof that their methods work (check out those six packs), but they’re regularly featured in pretty much all of the top fitness magazines and websites that you can think of.  These include Men’s Fitness, BodyBuilding.com, Inside Fitness, T Nation, Iron Man Magazine and loads, loads more…

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The Pros

  • Utilizing the great recipes in Get Juiced takes up very little of your time.  In fact, if you can’t spare the 5 minutes per day that it’ll take to prepare your juices, then you’re probably not very dedicated to getting that body to die for anyway…
  • Never again will you need to spend your hard earned money on useless (and possible detrimental) supplements.  Because everything you need to make the wonderful creations in Get Juiced you’ll probably be able to find in your cupboards or refrigerator anyway…
  • Not only do you get to drop the fat that’s developed a love affair with your abs, hips and thighs, but your health and wellbeing will improve as well.  A win-win situation all round, eh!
  • And the health benefits don’t just stop with how you look and illness levels.  Absorbing the correct nutrients also has a wonderful effect on your brain and memory, making you sharper, able to withhold information more easily and become a far sharper cookie all round.

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The Cons

  • Well, probably the biggest ‘con’ will be to change your way of thinking.  If you’ve been a long-term believer in supplements to aid your workout efforts, then perhaps it’s time to change that outdated view, and realize 60 day money back Get Juiced Review   Is Vince Del Monte and Drew Canoles System & Recipes Good?that you can gain every single nutrient you need for optimal health, simply by eating in the way your body desperately craves.

The Bottom Line

So guys, we have to say, that for such a simple product, the results are absolutely awesome!  Not to mention well within the pocket of everyone – because we all have to spend money on food, right?  But you don’t need to take our word for it, because Get Juiced comes with a completely guaranteed, 100% of your money back if your not totally satisfied with the product, failsafe.  Yep, you get a full 60 days to check out the product and the service – and if you’re not happy at any point within those 2 months, then you can get every red cent of your money back.

And you can’t say fairer than that!  In a nutshell, we have to say the Get Juiced is probably the best (and cheapest) product of its kind to hit the shelves in a looooong time.  Well worth you time, money and effort to give it a try – and we pretty much think the results will speak for themselves…

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The Complete Testosterone Solution Review – Is It Really Good?

A Simple Method To Increase Your Testosterone Levels And Therefore Your Metabolism – Despite Getting Older…  Come On, You Can’t Fight The Marching Of The Years Now, Can You…?

Well, we all know that in many instances getting older sucks…  And never so much so in the fact that your metabolism slows down with every passing years.  After all, how many guys in their 30s, 40s or 50s end up working out far harder than they did in their 20s but still can’t manage to ditch that stubborn last layer of lard that clings lovingly to the most intimate parts of the body…complete testosterone solution e1380198074532 The Complete Testosterone Solution Review   Is It Really Good?

Drives you crazy, eh!  So when Dan Robey released what he claims is the answer to this problem – The Complete Testosterone Solution – it’s no wonder that it’s ended up rocking through the world of fitness.

But does it actually work?  Or is it simply a method of transferring your hard earned cash from your clutches into the coffers of Mr. Robeys?  We decided to find out, because there’s nothing we like more than to uncover whether a program such as The Complete Testosterone Solution really is all it’s cracked up to be, or should be one that you allow to pass you by. [wplapdance name=”CTS”]

Read on to discover exactly what we uncovered…

What do you get for your money?

Right then, so what The Complete Testosterone Solution is based on is that it’s been scientifically proven that today’s man has far lower testosterone levels than in the past.  And this only serves to drop more as each decade passes.

Hard to stomach?  Perhaps, but it’s this information that’s sent shock waves through the world of fitness on the programs release.  And, more importantly, it’s the reason why losing fat as you age becomes progressively more difficult as your metabolism slows down.

The Complete Testosterone System is the method used by celebrity trainers who work with Hollywood movie stars, NFL and NBA players and others who seem to be able to cheat the passage of the years.  What you get is an e-book and mobile training portal that provides a training regime that’s quite different from the mainstream fitness industry.

  • Celebrity Trainers to your smart phone or tablet: Meaning you can take your own ‘trainer’ with you to the gym (or use for a home session) for each and every workout, and train in the method that’s produced ‘super bodies’ such as The Rock, and other to die for techniques…
  • Advanced fat burning and muscle building techniques: That have, up until now, only been available for those who can afford the services of Billy Beck III, celebrity trainer who provides fitness and workout advice to the rich and famous
  • Advanced diet and nutrition: Because there’s no point in working out in the correct manner unless you provide your body with the fuel necessary to boost that testosterone and ensure that you break down fat for energy, not muscle.
  • Supplementation and anti-aging formulas: Such as the ones that only the million dollar contract NFL and NBA players, not to mention movie stars, are privy to knowing.

All of this is sent to your mobile device for your training sessions.  You get the services of celebrity trainer, Billy Beck III each and every day for your own personal training session.  And because you have it saved on your tablet or smart phone, it doesn’t matter where or when you want to work out, your very own movie star trainer is there and ready to start exactly when you are…

university of testosterone e1380198096969 The Complete Testosterone Solution Review   Is It Really Good?But that’s not all…!  You also get The Complete Testosterone Solution e-book written by fitness author, Dan Robey and Research Scientist, Dr. James Pendleton.  What this does is actually take you inside The University of Testosterone training portal, for the inside story on how the celebs workout.  You get valuable information from some of the world’s top personal trainers (ones you normally charge around $500 an hour!!!), but you get their services 24/7, thanks to The Complete Testosterone Solution.

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Who is it for?

One of the best things about The Complete Testosterone Solution is that it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in when you start.  If you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, what you get is your own virtual personal trainer who leads you through each and every workout that will tone, build muscle, and literally pummel you into the shape that you’ve always dreamed of being.  Plus, it isn’t half bad to be able to tell your friends that you’re training in the methods of guys like The Rock!  And not only that, with the very same trainer….

Who is Billy Beck III?

So, one of the celebrity trainers you get to your mobile device is none other than the guy who trained The Rock for five long years…  Featured no less than a dozen times on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Mr. Beck really 2013 09 26 0716 e1380198030783 The Complete Testosterone Solution Review   Is It Really Good?is a force to be reckoned with in the health and fitness industry.  And you don’t get to charge celebrity prices and to train movie stars and pro-athletes without getting the results.  Training with Billy Beck III is guaranteed to get you the results you desire, and the body you’ve only ever dreamed of getting in the past (as long as you get with the program, naturally).

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The Pros

  • The Complete Testosterone Solution is a well-rounded, whole diet and fitness program.  Unlike other seemingly similar offerings, this covers every single aspect of your fitness goal.    Training, nutrition, supplements, rest – they’re all essential parts of your training regime, and none works in isolation.  You need all corners covered to get the fast results you crave.
  • We really like the inside info you get on nutrition.  Because one of the main reasons testosterone levels in men today are so low is because of the foods we eat.  But by cutting these out of your diet for good, you can ensure that this 21st century plague doesn’t affect you – and boost your fat burning and muscle building in the process.
  • Because everything to do with The Complete Testosterone Solution is online, you can access all you need at any time of the day or night, wherever you may be.  After all, who needs to carry a heavy book around with them when you already have your phone or tablet?  It really is 21st century training made easy…
  • Plus, increasing your testosterone not only gives you the training results you need, but protects your prostate and – here’s the crunch – improves your libido and performance in bed!  And that’s an added side effect that no-one minds getting…

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The Cons

  • Okay, so it all sounds fabulous.  But you do have to follow the program to get the results.  If you’re looking for a miracle cure then you’d best move along, because as far as we know, there are no ways to get the body to60 day money back The Complete Testosterone Solution Review   Is It Really Good? die for without putting in a fair amount of work.  But, and this is the crunch, the great thing about The Complete Testosterone Solution is that this really is the fast track way to the body to die for.  And when you add in all the health benefits as well, then giving this baby a try is pretty much a no brainer, in our humble opinion…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to give it to the guys.  Because we looooove The Complete Testosterone Solution.  It’s so refreshing to see a complete program, and not one that just concentrates on the workouts or the nutrition.  Because, let’s face it, you have to treat your body as a complete package.  And The Complete Testosterone Solution does just that.

And because it’s digital, there’s no shipping fees and you get instant access to the whole thing, and you can start the journey to your new body immediately.

For anyone who’s serious about losing weight, gaining muscle and improving their health, it’s definitely worth giving The Complete Testosterone Solution a try.  The 21st century answer to a very 21st century problem…

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