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Who’s Dave Ruel?

Dave Ruel is a nutritionist expert known for his tactics on eating healthy and getting the right nutrition. He’s a competitive bodybuilder who knows all about the importanceDaveRuel1 300x231 Whos Dave Ruel? of eating the right way and developing the right knowledge to gain the ultimate body. The way he eats has had a tremendous impact on the results he was able to achieve, and he makes it a habit to eat the right way as often as possible. He has a passion bodybuilding the most, but he enjoys cooking and nutrition in general as well. What’s so interesting is that his three favorite things to do are all great for helping the other, so his enjoyments help one another.

How did Dave get into bodybuilding?

He got into bodybuilding ever since he was in his twenties. He was into the concept since he was a teen, but he never really stayed with it long enough to see life changing results. What he noticed in his body was a few muslces being built there, and then a few pounds being lost here. He got mentored from somebody in his local gym after wasting a full year of working out all on his own. Working out on your own could be good, but with the help of a bodybuilder, you could learn more from him than you will ever know.

That mentor of his took him on a 3 month journey that brought his body to a whole new level. He was able to lose more than 50lbs within a 3 month period. All of the other weight that he was able to gain turned into healthy muscle that would help him increase his overall physique. He noticed the mentor explain heavily how important it was to eat the right food. Dave was able to see his body change rapidly, not only because of the exercising, but also because of the nutritional changes he was able to make.

What has Dave Ruel done to give back?

anabolic cooking1 150x150 Whos Dave Ruel?After years of success in the bodybuilding world, he has decided to help others achieve the same exact success. He knew how important it was to eat healthy, and that was why he created two powerful nutritional guides and cookbooks. The first one is Anabolic Cooking. This cookbook goes in-depth on the healthiest foods to eat to help you out with your muscle building. This is nice because it has over 200 recipes on the inside to help you out on building you more muscle.

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Aside from Anabolic Cooking, his other book, Metabolic Cooking has gained quite some popularity as well. This book is meant to help outline the different ways to lose weightmetabolic cooking 150x150 Whos Dave Ruel? with what you eat. The first book was meant to help you out with muscle building. No matter what you try to do, both have been proven to help with the body tremendously. Dave is a strong guy who has won plenty of bodybuilding titles that others can only dream about. After years of struggling, he knows how important it is to eat in the right way. Buy his books to learn more on eating correctly and gaining the ultimate body possible.

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