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Hyper Gain Review – Does Anabolic Secrets Muscle Building Supplement Work?

Pack on 15-20 Pounds of Lean Mass In Just Two To Three Months…?  Without Steroids…?  OK, No Doubt You’re Either Thinking “Scam,” Or You’re 1st In The Line To Sign Up.  But Are The Promises Simply Too Good To Be True…?

So you’re serious about your body.  You want to do everything you can to pack on the lean muscle mass.  In fact, you probably heard and even tried the so-called “super product” Creatine Monohydrate when it first came on Hyper Gain review Hyper Gain Review   Does Anabolic Secrets Muscle Building Supplement Work?the market.

And the verdict from many?  That they didn’t gain an ounce…  Sure, some people gained fast, but if you were one of the ones that didn’t, then you’ll (yet again) have been disappointed with another over-priced, under-performing product that ate into your hard earned dollars.

So what’s so different about Hyper Gain?  Because it’s still Creatine, after all…  So cue an in-depth journey into exactly what all the “hype” surrounding Hyper Gain is really all about.  And it makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money?

Okay, so Hyper Gain is a supplement that provides the cells of the body with Creatine but in a stabilized form.  And a huge amount of research has gone into understanding how to do this in an effective, non-toxic manner.

Hyper Gain is different from other Creatine products in the following ways:

  • Creatine is unstable, converting to Creatinine in liquids – and this not only does away with most of the pure Creatine that you want to deliver to your muscle cells, but it has those nasty side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps etc that are so common when taking regular Creatine supplements.
  • The answer to this is Kre-Alkalyn – a brand new form of Creatine that doesn’t convert to Creatinine in liquids before reaching the muscle cells.
  • Kre-Alkalyn has a high pH level – of 12, and it’s this that means that it NEVER converts to Creatinine, the cause of all those horrid side effects. 
  • Lower dosages with significantly improved results – and this means that you only have to take a paltry three capsules of Hyper Gain to get the equivalent of your body absorbing a massive 15 grams of regular Creatine Monohydrate.

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Who is it for?

Well, if you want to pack on the lean muscle, without any of the often seen side effects caused by regular Creatine products such as the infamous “Creatine Bloat,” then Hyper Gain is exactly what you need.

And if you’ve not suffered any of the toxic secondary effects of Creatine, then you won’t understand this part.  But for those who’ve had to put up with stomach cramps, diarrhea, dehydration, headaches and water retention (not to mention the potential for kidney and liver problems), then you’re exactly the guy (or gal) who can take full advantage of Hyper Gain.

Who is Rick Gray?

Rick is the brains behind the company, ASR Supplements.  And it’s a company he set up simply because he couldn’t find the kind of products he needed to aid his own muscle gaining efforts.  In fact, in Rick’s own words, “most of the stuff out there was complete crap!”

And so ASR was born – a body building supplement company producing quality products for body builders, created BY a body builder.  And as he says, these are simply supplements that are the “last few percentage points of your overall progress.”  But ASR supplements such as Hyper Gain a) do exactly as they say on the label, b) contain exactly what they say on the label and c) actually work – or you get your money back…

The Pros

  • You only have to take a few capsules of Hyper Gain to get the same effects as massive doses of regular Creatine Monohydrate
  • Hyper Gain is a completely stable product, meaning not one ounce of the Creatine is converted into the harmful Creatinine within the body.
  • There are no side effects with Hyper Gain – no stomach cramps, no bloating, no water retention, no diarrhea and no worries about long term kidney and liver problems.
  • Hyper Gain has been rigorously and extensively tested in various medical centers around the world.
  • Kre-Alkalyn consistently shows far higher results than the regular Creatine Monohydrate group of supplements.
  • Hyper Gain comes with a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product.

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hypergain best creatine Hyper Gain Review   Does Anabolic Secrets Muscle Building Supplement Work?

The Cons

  • Well, of course Hyper Gain is not a magic pill.  It’s not going to make you pack on the muscle if you don’t put in the work.  After all, supplements only enhance the last few percent of your training efforts, so you’ve still got to get your ass down the gym on a very regular basis and complete your training.  But what a relief, to be able to find a Creatine supplement that doesn’t come with all those damn side effects that used to be impossible to get away from…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to admit that we’re pretty damn happy with Hyper Gain.  The results are, and continue to be, excellent.  And while a supplement is only an enhancement to your training, there’s so much rubbish out there on the market that it’s a delight to find a Creatine product that’s so obviously produced by a company that not only knows what it’s talking about, but actually is interested in delivering a product that does what it promises, rather than just raking in the cash.

If you’re serious about upping your training efforts by that “oh so important” last little bit, then Hyper Gain could well be exactly what you’re looking for.  Well done guys, a sterling effort, and a sterling product…

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